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The sex industry is larger than it was before. Every part of life can now be changed into something sexual and be capitalized off. From the technological advancement of sex toys in Malaysia and other countries to the creative endeavour of writers today inserting sexually explicit situations in their writing. This is what we call “Erotica”, and here is a brief introduction to it, as well as some examples of Chilean films that can be labelled as one.

Erotica in General

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Erotica is any literary or creative work that engages significantly with erotic, sexually invigorating, or sexually enticing subjects yet is not commonly regarded pornographic (in a strict sense). Sensual art can take any medium, including painting, sculpture, theatre, cinema, or music, to convey erotic themes. Erotic writing and erotic photography have established themselves as distinct genres. 

Even though some people may not be able to discern between erotica and pornography, a differentiation is regularly drawn. Some say that pornography’s goal is the graphic representation of sexually explicit situations, which is a crucial distinction. Erotica, on the other hand, seeks to create a tale that contains sexual themes and depicts human sexuality in a more realistic manner than pornography.

Furthermore, works that are regarded as humiliating or predatory are typically labelled as “porn” instead of “erotica” by people who view them as such, and as a result, pornography is frequently described as oppressive or disgusting. Many nations have laws prohibiting or restricting what is deemed pornographic content, however, this does not usually apply to erotica.

Erotic Films

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The portrayal of facets of human sexuality in cinema is known as sex in film. The inclusion of any type of eroticism in films has been contentious since the medium’s origins. Religious organizations have opposed films that feature such obscenity, and some have been prohibited or censored by governments, or both. Films depicting sex scenes are typically classified as forbidden in countries that have a film rating system. Nudity in films can be interpreted as either sexual or non-sexual.

An erotic film is one with an erotic characteristic that can elicit sexual impulses as well as intellectual reflection on the aspects of sexual attraction, sensuality, and romantic love. Sex or erotic sequences may be found in a variety of genres and sub-genres, with genres having a sexual or erotic component generally containing the term “erotic” in their description — for example, erotic dramas, erotic thrillers, sex comedies, and so forth. Since the silent period of photography, love sequences have been prevalent in films, whether explicit or not.

Erotic Chile Films You Should Watch

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Erotica is not porn, but rather a form of art. It has always been portrayed in cinema with storylines that will test your most wild desires. There’s something for everyone who wants to enter the real world of sex and foreplay, from kinky fetishes to passionate relations, co-dependent tendencies to scorching experiences. In the strange domain of the body, there are different types of partnerships, from startlingly vulgar to exquisitely sensuous. This is why in the Chilean film industry, they have established early on that sexuality on screen is something that should be embraced and celebrated.

Las Plantas (2015)

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Florencia, 17, is responsible for her brother, who is in a chronic vegetative state, for the whole summer. She bathes him, changes his diapers, and tucks him into bed with her. She narrates to him occasionally from a comic called Las Plantas, which is about plant souls who take over human bodies during full moons. Florencia uses the internet late at night to connect with guys. Images of her mundane daily life and a bright dream world collide to produce an enthralling storey of a young woman’s sexual discovery. The ambience of a thriller is set through dreamlike passages and moody, metallic music.

Una mujer fantástica (2017)

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Orlando, the compassionate and well-off proprietor of a textile firm, exchanges glances with Marina, a hopeful singer and the nearly half-his-age love of his life, somewhere in Santiago in a dimly lit bar. However, amid Marina’s birthday celebration and a night of love, Orlando becomes critically ill and dies in hospital the next morning. Marina will quickly understand that, following her lover’s tragic death, everything will be called into question: her role in Orlando’s death, their unorthodox connection, and, most importantly, her right to grieve her beloved’s death.

El Príncipe (2019)

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Chile, 1970, right before Allende’s election to the presidency: Jaime, an egocentric 20-year-old, kills The Gypsy, his best friend at the time, out of envy. He had a pivotal encounter in jail with “the Stallion,” an older guy who commands respect and wields influence behind bars. In search of security, Jaime builds an affectionate and tender connection with a guy, discovers love and the need to be acknowledged, and later, as “The Prince,” finally reconsiders his sexual identity and the cause for the crime that landed him in jail.

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