Have you ever went to a filming location?  If you haven’t been well, let me tell you filming locations can be crazy. All of the props, the lighting, the sounds effect and etc. sometimes, certain movies will use the wildest and beyond the imaginations types of location for their shooting. In every movie, the location is probably the vital part of the movie, because a location can tell you more about the movie and the script. For example, half of the whole movie Room took place in a small space room but somehow, this movie managed to make us feel suffocated and we can feel the emotions that were portrayed by the actress Brie Larson. 

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That is how important it is when coming to the location of filming, but choosing the right locations is not easy and even when you have the right location you still have to consider a lot of other things like the lighting systems, the sounds, the color of the location and how it’ll appear in the screen. Nowadays, many directors have become more creative when it comes to the location of filming because they can even shoot their movies on the site of construction material distributor Malaysia. 

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Even when they already have the right locations like Valparaiso the beautiful city in Chile they need to make sure that it is been set up correctly and all of the props and lighting are there, here are some guidelines on how to set up a filming location and what do you need to have and know. This is the common process for setting up the filming locations, even if you are shooting your film in a foreign country like Chile or Antarctica you’ll still need to follow this whole process. 


What Item Is Needed? 


When you are shooting a movie, you need to know what are the suitable props, cameras, sound systems, and other things that are needed for this movie. All of the needed items will be prepared a day before the filming took place and it’ll be authorized by the Location Manager. The Location Manager will be the one that is responsible to discuss with the owner of the locations all of the things that they’ll do at the filming location. The Location Manager will also need to visualize how the actual filming location will look like once it’s ready to be shoot. 


Gathering Items 


Now that you have the whole vision of what you need for your filming location, you need to start gathering them, and also it’s good to have a backup if anything bad happens to the other camera, lighting, or any filming items. Besides all of the filming techs, you will also need to prepare lounges for the working staff, the actors basically everyone that will be working for the film. It’s different when you are shooting at a studio because they have all of the basic necessities like a bathroom, a custom store, and a makeup room. But when you are filming at an outside location you need at least a few weeks or a month to prepare all of these needed amenities and facilities to make sure the journey of shooting the film will run smoothly. 


Camera Angle 

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When you watch a movie, you will be curious about the way they shoot the film and how the camera works like that. Well, that is why camera angle is important when it comes to shooting a film. They need to know what camera to use, which angle to put the camera and how you’ll be shooting the scene. All of this needs to be planned way ahead of filming because they might be some changes when you are shooting the film. For example, when you are shooting in Chile, you’ll need to see what camera angles will make the audiences know the locations of the country. 



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Other than camera angle, it is also important to know about the lighting for the filming. For example, when shooting a horror film you need lighting that can complement the feeling of haunted and creepy while also making sure that the audience can see what’s happening on the screen clearly. The set of lighting will need to be done by someone professional and someone that has been working in the film industry for years because they’ll understand how to play with the lighting and make sure that it looks good for the movie. For instance, if you are shooting your film in the Atacama Desert of Chile, you want to use a lighting system that can portray the look of the dessert and how hot and sunny it is, this will make your audiences feel like they are also a part of the characters in the movie. 


Props and Costumes 


Some movies like Little Women or The Avengers need tons of costumes and props. All of this will need to be design months before shooting the film. The designers need to work hand in hand with the cast and see what suits them the most and if it’s comfortable for them to be filming while wearing a big puffy dress or an armor of suits. Besides that, they will also need to be preparing the props for the filming like in the movie Fast and Furious they use a lot of cars, and all of these cars are considered as props. You want to see whether the props look good in the film or not. You also want to make sure that you are not offending any cultures if you want to use their traditional attire in your movie like if you want to use the Chile traditional attire like a poncho or a chuppalla or their beautiful cueca dress, you want to assure that you are doing justice to their cultures.