A fascinating culture yet remains undiscovered. Most of those who embrace the Chilean culture is the majority of the Republic of Chile dwellers. Historically, the Chilean population makes up an enormous number of people but in the 1970s, when a brutal military regime took over the country and economic turbulence makes it hard to survive, almost 80000 Chileans decided to move abroad. A lot of things Chile as a country has experienced throughout the years.

One of the native languages here is called Aymara, and Chile is commonly enunciated as chilli, which brings the particular land where the Earth ends. The diverse and miscellaneous ethnicities and cultural traditions are the reasons why Chile is nominated as a homogenous nation around Latin America. Despite having many beliefs and traditions, there is never once an emergence of disputes amongst them except for times where there is a foreign mix from the government and other outsiders. Chile frequently has to be the centre of the altercation as there are a lot of modernists and industrial opportunities poking their heads in the vast area of this nation to build up more capitalistic buildings for their own gainings. As some issues have gone out and globally recognised, many people of culture reside in Chile to chip in help in strengthening their cultural stance. It is relieving that many people still believe that cultures are one precious thing and they should never be forgotten and sadly buried away from the future generation. 

Chile’s taking a gradual step in getting back on its feet to redevelop a better nation has been doing the most to improve its image. In the face of its challenges and battle scars with the past, Chila has risen as a location that possesses one of the most unexpected charms that people should be aware of. For those who are in search of a great adventure or even filmmakers who are in dire need of rare yet exotic sets, Chile is the answer for it all. 

Driest Place On Earth

When it comes to mood swings or, rather, whether turbulence, Chile is a complete nation that experiences many unpredictable types of climates, it is proven that the country goes through around seven climatic types in different regions. As this nation is literally at the very end of Earth, it has many neighbouring countries as borders which makes it foster some of the nearby weathers. Chile’s various weathers include low desert, alpine tundra, icy glaciers, tropical rainforest, oceanic and lastly, Mediterranean climate. Various locations of Chile experience their own distinctive weathers over the years. 

The most mind-blowing part of Chile’s desert weather is there is an exact and actual place that is classified to be the driest on Earth. The driest place is called the Atacama desert. Because of its characteristics that are almost the closest to scientific research of Mars, countless expedition simulations are administered at the Atacama. This desert used to be filled with trees, but due to incoming demands on firewoods, it became a sacrificial site for nationwide deforestation. 

Atacama desert is considered the driest desert out of all due to its nonexistent precipitation annually. In 2012, another part of Chile which was experiencing rainy winter had flooded San Pedro, and the flood came to the vast area of Atacama. A heavy and catastrophic mud flood formed that impacted almost a hundred dead. 

Rare Penguin Habitats 

Because of the rarity, Chile has when it comes to its weather, there is a habitat of penguins living in Southern Chile, Tierra del Fuego. Here, you will get to witness not only one but four types of penguins such as regal king penguins, Magellanic penguins, diminutive Southern rockhopper penguins and yellow-crested macaroni penguins. These are all majestic penguins that have resided at the sanctuary well to this day. 

Some interesting facts about the penguins will definitely blow your minds. The king penguins are super enormous in that they can grow tall beyond three feet and go for more than 35 pounds in weight. Whereas macaroni penguins which are notorious for their striking yellow feathery cap on their head, are the largest penguin species globally. Macaroni penguins have a number of species of up to 18 million. It is estimated to grow its colony triple the number if well-taken care of. However, due to many unknown reasons, macaroni penguin species are declining ever since the 1970s and have been labelled as Vulnerable.  

Ninth Global Largest Wine Producer

Chile is a generous country because it is bestowed many good things upon the lands and the people too. When we talk about this particular nation, the topic of wine will always be brought to the spotlight. This is due to its magnificent and astounding worldwide recognition on how it is ranked as the ninth country which has the largest wine producer all around the world. Many Chileans believe it is the raw soils that do the incredible wonders to their productions. 

The grape plantation is the biggest industry Chileans execute as they have the best soil condition specifically for grapes growing. The results can be seen in the variety of types of wine productions that will definitely boggle your minds. There are different wine aftertaste that will suit your buds the best that you can freely choose here. Chile has been the most frequent wine exporter to China. They have a long contract lease that enables China to receive Chilean’s best wine produces with the right amount of payment. 

Biggest Pool In The World

At San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile, you will get to witness the biggest and largest swimming pool ever presented before your eyes. You can never get to imagine how big it is; therefore, a comparison is made, and the pool length goes all over nine football fields, whereas its 66 million gallons of water is pumped straight from the Pacific Ocean after being treated and filtered. It has impressive deep of 115 feet, and the whole pool is accessible when you are a guest of the hotel.