Chile has one of the best film productions despite its struggling effort to make up for its loss in the past years. Their endless stretch in succeeding in the particular film industry is something that is superbly remarkable and deserving of loud praise from everyone from all corners. From what they have been inflicted upon; continuous violence that seems to be perpetual, the life-long traumatic experiences that are all due to the selfish party who feels the need to stay in power in order to be valid to the others. Chileans will never forget and the whole world will always remember the extensive vile and dark period of time the innocent people who dream of a democratic nation had to face in the name of Pinochet’s regime. They have suffered under a cruel military occupation which then had left many honourable filmmakers lived in crippling anxieties to cover up their freedom of speech and in making films. The censorship and extreme filtration of film contents have resulted in a lot of them unable to make a living out of their childhood dream and they became fearful of the things they used to enjoy doing. Although slowly, Chilean cinemas are starting to rise up and feast people from all around the globe with their creative imaginations yet very subtle portrayals of the current issues surrounding the world. Despite not having many box-office films in recent years, if we look back in time, Chileans and their cinematic worlds have come so far from the scratch they have built things from. 

Chileans are genius when it comes to filmmaking. They do not excessively produce films in bulk because that is just how they and the world believe; quality over quantity. A film that takes a long time to finish producing will probably come out incredibly and that is just how film enthusiasts describe the feelings of watching any Chilean films. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of filmings are put to a halt for safety reasons and precautions from spreading it further. The capital city of Chile, Santiago had suffered a tremendous infection in a huge amount of people during the first outbreak in early March 2020. After almost a year and a half, the country is slowly recovering as many are receiving their vaccinations. Due to the continuation of safe hazards taken, many films have postponed their release dates. 

Therefore, to appreciate the hard work of Chilean filmmakers and those in the filming industry, here are some of the excellent Chilean films that you should definitely watch during your free time:

A Fantastic Woman (2017)

The Chileans in general have always been vocal on a lot of issues and that includes taboo and sensitive topics that people do not have the courage to speak out too. That is definitely a charm of being a Chilean because they have a strong faith in voicing out the matter will bring a better side of the world and people living in it. This concept of life is also clearly implemented in the making of A Fantastic Woman directed by Sebastián Lelio. The line of producers and writers are mostly the array of fantastic creatives of the Chilean film industry that makes the most apparent changes in people’s perspective. 

This film is about Marina, a young transgender woman who makes a living in the big city of Santiago by handling two job positions; a singer and a waitress at the same time. She had just moved in with an older boyfriend of hers and lived happily together until one day, he wakes up not feeling like himself. In Marina’s desperate attempt to get him to the hospital in one piece, he had stumbled upon the stairs which had left bruises on him. He was announced dead shortly after they have arrived at the hospital and this was when the whole crisis begins. The film showcases the brutal reality many transgenders have to face just because what used to be recorded as their identity has now changed. A Fantastic Woman portrays how the noir of the world really works when they are in the presence of a transgender who might be a criminal due to their change of gender. 

Too Late To Die Young (2018)

A beautifully produced film that is centred in the summer of 1990 in the aesthetic city of Chile, the director Dominga Sotomayor has executed the production incredibly well. Too Late To Die Young really brings you back spiralling down the memory lane of the 90s. This film talks about the depth of thinking many young teenagers have on topics such as first loves, fears and the increasing surmountable emotions to experience how freedom tastes like. A lot of Chilean films are centralising the year 1990. People might be curious about this but it is nothing new to them. For Chileans who have lost their most awaited period of living, it has been taken away due to the military invasion. A lot of movies incorporate the past years in their films to wish for a better yesterday to live on.

The director of this film has landed herself a big honour after sweeping the award of The Leopard for Best Direction at Locarno Festival. She is the first woman to have received this award and that is incredibly inspiring. This film’s main character, Sofia expresses herself through her everlasting journey to discovering what is behind puberty and what transferring into a different phase of life feels like. The 2018 produced film, Too Late To Die Young is a brilliant story made of warmth and younger people in minds that vividly shows solidarity to those especially searching for their purposes in life. Because no one really tells us that adulting and changing life phases do exist, in the end, we tend to navigate it on our own. 

These two films are Chilean’s incredible films that everyone should watch. There are many others that you can find more under Chilean cinemas that will guarantee you a good experience.