A beautiful city that is super underrated can be awarded to the serene and quaint city located in South America, known as Chile, Santiago. Home to many Latin American, it is understandable how people have second thoughts before falling in deep love with this city. Honestly, Chile is pretty much filled with buildings that are on the brink of crumbling. This city was founded in 1541, which solves the mystery of its frequent adoption of neoclassicism in its architectural structures. Home to one of the tallest South American sky-scrapers, many buildings are built on the prime foundation to defy the most habitual natural disasters in the city; earthquakes. 

There are so many things that should have been known globally but remain undiscovered in the heart of Chile city. One of the best traits the city of Chile has is its enormous production of wine that can go to a huge wavelength. However, due to its incompetency in marketing its image and lack of promotions that can really be proof of Chilean’s wines, it stays internationally known as a bulk wine exporter. But what many does not acknowledge is how Chilean wine producers have been doing a lot of revenues in this particular industry. They have been positively focusing on better wine outcomes to export better quality. They are on the journey of shifting and weighing towards the concept of quality over quantity. 

Other than that, the whole scenery of Chile city has perpetually been underrated for years. An infamous American travel designer named Liz Caskey has been in awe of Santiago city from the first time she set her foot in the area in 2001 until this day. The key to finding the best spot in this city is to search for the most suitable neighbourhood that you yourself feel connected with. 

There are thousands of beautiful places that you can find in Chile, only if you spend a little bit more time and energy in search of these worthy gems. Keep in mind that good things only come to those who wait and persevere. Only recently that many people have been paying attention to this incredible city because the Lastarria neighbourhood has been making a lot of people fall heads over heels when they first see it. 

Lastarria has been thriving as it is known widely as a city of undeterred cobblestone streets and unshaken classical building structures that have done really well at almost portraying the vibes of the olden days. 

A lot of things that you need are scattered in this particularly charming yet raw neighbourhood. Without losing any drops of essence of the original Chilean air, despite having new hotels and eateries built around to cater to many tourist demands, some places retain old paintings and buildings without failing. 


Chile as a whole is notorious for its wine production. However, as mentioned before, the one thing they are lacking is a good and premium-like taste of wine that is what the whole world needs. As they have been trying to improve their worldwide view in this field, they are bringing in many foreign sommeliers and building a team of them. Because of this, many bars in this neighbourhood, especially Bocanariz, are currently outstripping their previous label of bulk wine towards better quality wine production. 

Chipe Libre

It is rather impressive that the whole wine production is carried from the main soil used to the substances is administered in one whole city, which is Chile itself. They have a long history in wine manufacturing. At Chipe Libre, a brilliant “pisco” or white brandy menu is conceptualised to reality. Made of greatly fermented grapes, a diversely-flavoured cocktail is created by the people of Chilean. It does not come as a surprise as they have a good land condition that can produce top-notch quality grapes. 

Luciano K

When you are travelling to Chile, you need to drop by the Lastarria neighbourhood because this is not your typically serene and aesthetic city to merely drop by for a few hours. Chances are, you might be needing a few more days notably to experience this city to the fullest. Therefore, when you need a night of good sleep in order to recharge well in the next morning to live through another day in the amazingly vibrant city, you will never regret checking into Luciano K. One of Lastarria neighbourhood’s selling points is definitely this well-decorated art apartment building that was deemed as the tallest pillar in the city once back in the 1920s. This eye-catching boutique apartment has been recently opened after a hugely successful renovation that became home to a great number of 38 rooms, ever since 2016. Despite its enormous change in its construction, they have never failed to still preserve the great artistic remains of its main buildings, such as its iron-grill elevator and its incredibly rare mosaic floorings. 

This great hotel Luciano K has been winning everyone’s hearts ever since its grand reopening. They are also infamous for their great customer services, a beautiful rooftop terrace and bar for lounging purposes, as well as a heated pool. 

Nearby Attractions

It is amazing that you can visit so many great places that have been conserving the real and authentic vibe of the old Chilean city. You can definitely drop by Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro before getting to the National Fine Arts Museum. These streets are the forever-home to many indie artists and creatives. They can spend hours here doing arts and also admiring other masterpieces. There are a lot of notable collections in the history of Chilean painters and sculptors and other art practitioners that you can admire when you head to the museum. 

It is insane how Chile has many more undiscovered gems inside it that many do not know of. Once the pandemic is over, your first travel destination should definitely be Chile and its gorgeous Lastarria neighbourhood. Apart from it, you should arrange your itinerary well enough so that you can delve into deeper Chile scenes.