Chile is a unique and distinctive country that is far different from other countries around the world. Used to be under the colonisation of Spanish ruling in the 16th to 19th century, Latin America seized their nation’s independence and liberating Chile from the former rulers. An influential revolutionary era led by Jose de San Martin had gathered many people who fought for South American freedom from all kinds of colonisation. Due to the strong influence from the colonisers and the products of interracial marriages, Chile now is a country filled with people from varied backgrounds and cultures yet are united as one under the same nation. Chile is a country that genuinely and highly appreciates arts. They are widely known as friendly neighbours and those who dance when they are in the presence of music. During the national day of Chile on September 18 annually, Chilean people always look forward to this day because it is one of the most celebrated events worldwide. On this particular day, there will be music, authentic ethnic food, activities to look back on the memory lane to honour those who have fought patriotically for the land.

As this nation has many artistic and talented Chilean born, it is not a surprise that many world-famous people are born in Chile, where art is practised freely without restrictions and censorship. However, there was a dark period as the military regime took over Chile as a nation for quite a while. During their ruling, people had to go through many traumatic constraints that had forcibly put art practitioners to restrict production contents in productions. As Chile progresses and finds the light at the end of the tunnel when the forces lifted their administration, more talents start flooding into the art industry again to revive what used to be their glorification. 

A Chilean born actress who goes by her professional name Cote de Pablo is a famous Chilean-American actress. She was born precisely in Santiago and was Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez officially. This world-known actress was born in the year 1979 and is 41 years old this year. Many people believe that her well-defined and clear cut facial features are an additional trait to why many Chileans and many Chileans and international fans like her. Not only that, but Cote is also an impressive actress who delivers her given lines energetically with fully immersed feelings. She became more famous after her well-praised execution for a CBS crime drama called NCIS, where she plays a character named Ziva David in 2005. 

Along with acting, she also ventures into a hosting role for a talk show on a national channel that goes by ‘Control’. She co-hosted the live performance with Carlos Ponce when she was only 15, where she gained an increasing amount of support in her career worldwide. Her explosive career phase started in 1994 when she hosted the show for almost a year. Before she made her long-awaited debut on the big screen for NCIS, Cote has been testing the waters of the industry by making brief appearances in various television shows. From those experiences, she gets to be cast for the international series. The NCIS, which revolves around American police and crime investigation, was nominated as the most-watched series in the United States. As she trails down her career path in the industry, she has scored many awards and countless nominations for her incredible acting along the line. 

Another talented, world-class actor from Chile is Pedro Pascal, who has significantly affected Game of Thrones fans with his genius role, Oberyn Martell. Pascal, an Aries, was born in April 1975 and is another Chilean-American actor leaving awe-inspiring traces in the industry. He started his career by taking small steps in venturing into television shows. After getting a taste of it, he strives for a more prominent role to reach a wider audience: Game of Thrones. For those in the dark, GoT is a fictional series created based on a book series that George R. R. Martin wrote. The whole series is about noble families being on years of journey to seize the most potent Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite his appearance only apparent in the fourth season of the HBO famous series, his extraordinary delivery as a prince has made him shine. Apart from this, Pascal challenges himself for a rare role in a crime biography Netflix series called Narcos (2015-2017). He is also starring in other box-office films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), Wonder Women 1984 (2020) and many more. 

Pascal was born in Santiago to a child psychologist mother and a fertility doctor father. He is the second child, and his two younger siblings are notable figures in Chile. One of them is an actress, and another is a vocal transgender activist who is making changes in society towards positivity in many aspects such as gender equality and many more.

Pablo Neruda is an eminent figure born in Parral, Chile and was famous for being a poet. During the more conservative period, many poets threaten the nation as those who are sharp with words tend to create pieces to criticise the rulings. The same thing happened to Neruda, yet no one can deny his magical ability with word flairs that have turned people into his fans. Neruda’s poetic language is mainly conjured in Spanish because he believes it can express his words and heartfelt meaning more accurately. He had received numerous honours for his writings, including a literature Nobel Prize. He had written many pieces in regards to socialism and the ruling during his time. Most of his work is translated into a wide range of languages all around the world. Many of his readers share the same opinions that his poems are what the current generation should be dissecting more deeply. Although he was born in 1904, his repertoire seems to resonate with many situations of continuous age. Neruda passed away due to cancer on September 23, 1973, in Santiago, Chile. Even though he is gone, his poetry collection will live on for many more years.