Chile is an incredibly unique nation that you can never find in another country. It has its own charming trait that is worth your time and money to see it with your own eyes. Chile is globally known as land by the end of the world due to its geographical location. While this nickname is often stolen for Argentina to be in the spotlight because they tend to believe Ushuaia is the ending point, it actually is not deserving of arguing. The real and authentic point that should be described as the world’s end is actually located in a Chilean territory which is called Puerto Williams. One of the supporting determinants why Chile is the most desirable location for you to disembark to when it comes to shooting production is because of its apparent yet distinctive natural occurrences of every place. In other words, when you are in Chile, you will be able to travel across the country but to different locations for a better atmosphere. 

In Chile, you will be utterly surprised at how immensely different the two sides of the country is. For the southern part of Chile, you will be experiencing a lot of coldness because that is where the islands, inlets and fjords are located at. This nature-embraced tip is widely blanketed with thick and luscious forest which adds up to the fresh air and chill surroundings. 


In the southern tip of Chile, your whole travelling plan is a wasted opportunity if you did not add Patagonia to your must-go list. Whenever repeating travellers hear the word Patagonia, a lot of them are dying to get on a plane and fly back to Chile. This is because you can actually be in Argentina and Chile at the same time. From the past agreement that has been maintained from years to years, these two countries have unanimously consented to the decision of making  Patagonia a shared region to both, therefore, it is a truly precious place for people from the countries. Patagonia is a vast area that is not touched by any human-made construction. It is in its pure state which houses the Torres del Paine National Park. 

There are many installed tracks for mountain trekkers to trudge uphill and downhill. This is not an activity for the faint-hearted but if you are keen to witness a beautiful view from the mountaintop, you should pluck up the courage and go for it. An infinitely serene location to be at, it would be even better if you are here with the best set of your camera. It is definitely normal for photographers to come up and down to shoot the best pieces of film they can ever get. However, an extra precaution should be taken especially if you are coming up with a truckload of team members. It is never a good idea to wake nature up intrusively, hence, you should plan your itinerary well and neatly. If you wish to get on top, you need to disperse the team into smaller groups. It is safer to travel in a group of three rather than individually. There are times of the year that the people of Chile widely encourage tourists to come and experience the magnificent view and that is from October to November. During this certain period, it is most likely to be spring and the temperatures will turn mild which is the best and most suitable warmth to do outdoor activities without being burnt to cripples by the sun. this will absolutely become the most unforgettable memory of yours because of the flora and fauna, the majority of them rise up from their seasonal snooze in spring. You will be given the freedom to be guided by tour experts or explore the whole area on your own. 

That is enough compliments about the southern tip of Chile because the next thing to uncover is northern Chile which has the most prominent contrast ever to the opposing side of it. Southern Chile is all about chilly sweater weather. However, the northern part of Chile is where the most compelling element comes in. This part of Chile is under the Andean environment which differs from where exactly the location stands on its latitude and altitude readings. The sea proximity is also influential in dictating the climate of the Andes. The northern part of Chile falls under a different climatic zone from Argentina that results in it having a lesser precipitation record and stronger temperature surrounding it. The most famous deserts in Chile are located exactly in the northern tip which are the Altiplano and Atacama deserts. In many cases, the Atacama desert is considered to be not only the driest desert in the country but also across the globe. This is because there is no precipitation that has been reported around that area since a long time ago.

Altiplano, on the other hand, receives its seasonal rain in the early year around January and February. The presence of water generates variant of flora and fauna species. Many people only pay attention to the Atacama desert because it is globally known as the driest place on Earth. But a very little amount of recognition given to Altiplano which has various reasons for you to come and visit. On the vast surface of the Altiplano desert, you can find patches of lakes all around it as a sign of rain. Salt flats, huge volcanoes that are up to 20000 foot are the contributing factors for many to spend some time admiring these spaces. It is definitely suitable for film production too as you can use the whole area for your team to disperse all around for a better filming experience. The colour palette you can get from filming in a desert will have an impactful effect on your videography as striking colours often help in magnifying the smallest details of those in the surroundings. Once you are at Altiplano, you can even get to the Atacama to see the intricate distinctions both deserts possess because both are just within a reach and you will never regret it.